Gene Knockdown


HuSH-29: Genome-wide shRNA for Human, Mouse and Rat Genes


Double Gene Knockdown Experiment
Double Gene Knock Down
Scrambled shRNA (GFP Vector)
Scrambled shRNA (RFP Vector)
shRNA against RFP (GFP Vector)
shRNA against GFP (RFP Vector)


HuSH-29 is pre-designed shRNA with genome wide coverage of human, mouse and rat. Learn more about HuSH-29 shRNA.

OriGene also offers custom shRNA service for specific sequence and other species through Exact-shRNA.

Features and Benifits:

  • Three retroviral vector options:
    • pRS: basic retroviral vector without fluorescence
    • pRS-GFP: GFP signal to monitor transfection
    • pRS-RFP: ideal for double knockdown or co-transfection
  • Guaranteed successful gene knockdown (≥70%)
  • Versatile applications: transient/stable transfection or retroviral infection
  • As low as $650 for a kit (4 gene-specific shRNA and two negative controls)
  • Delivers 5 μg transfection-ready DNA prepared byPowerPrep® HP Kits
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