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Learn how to make High Titer Lentivirus.
Click here to view SBI's JoVE video article on packaging high titer lentiviruses.





How to Make High Titer Lentivirus

Efficient delivery:  Engineered lentiviral vectors enable the efficient and robust delivery of genetic material to most cell types, including non-dividing and hard-to-transfect cells (primary, blood, stem cells) in vitro or to transgenic mice models in vivo

Stable, heritable expression:  Constructs integrated into genomic DNA - High expression levels in chromosomal environment, with low variability

Non-disruptive to cells:  Cell functions are unaffected by the infection process

Biosafe:  Replication-incompetent design prevents proliferation of virus for both HIV and non-human FIV lentivectors

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