Nucleic Acids Extraction

MN Bioanalysis Today

Since 1993 the Company has been successfully developing, producing, and world-wide marketing
a comprehensive range of ready-to-use kits and consumables for purification of nucleic acids (DNA
and RNA) and proteins. MACHEREY-NAGEL has become a worldwide brand of high-value products
of sample preparation. The products cover a broad range of applications and thus, allow a one-stopshopping.
The Company provides innovative bioseparation technologies and outstanding products for
academic, industrial, and clinical research in the area of life science research, genomics, nucleic acid
based molecular diagnostics, genetic identity (e.g., with a view to forensics, GMO detection / quantification
as well as animal species differentiation), gene expression profiling, gene therapy, and proteomics.
MN Bioanalysis Core Technologies
The following technologies are the core of an extensive portfolio of ready-to-use kits and consumables
suitable for manual and automated isolation of highly pure DNA,
RNA, and proteins.
• Silica-based anion exchanger, NucleoBond®
• Silica-based membrane technology, NucleoSpin®
• Beads based on silica or latex, NucleoTrap®
• Ultrafiltration technology , NucleoFast®
• Magnetic beads, NucleoMag®
• Gel-filtration technology, NucleoSEQ®
• Affinity chromatography, Protino®
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