Whole genome mapping

OpGen Argus® System


The Argus® Whole Genome Mapping System brings improved sequence assembly, comparative genomics, and rapid strain characterization into your laboratory in an innovative, card-based platform.  Argus is designed for ease-of-use, from card-based sample loading through automatic data capture.  The single-molecule maps and Whole Genome Maps generated by the Argus System simplify whole-genome comparisons and rapid identification of sequence gaps and misassemblies.

Investigate genomic structure, function, and diversity in as little as a single day—and without the need for PCR, cloning, or paired-end libraries. Learn more about the workflow.

De Novo Technology—Generate Whole Genome Maps from Single-molecule Maps

A non-gel-based, non-PCR-based, and non-sequencing-based methodology

Complete System—Includes everything needed to make a Whole Genome Map

Hardware, software, and consumables

Intuitive Software—Easily and visually analyze entire microbial genomes

At-a-glance strain typing, comparative genomics, whole genome sequence assembly

Argus Setup

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