Pre-NGS Enrichment


The RainDance ThunderStorm™ System is a fully automated, high-throughput targeted sequencing solution that enables researchers to process more samples per day and generate higher-quality data faster than ever before. The system features true walkaway capabilities, automatically processing up to 96 samples and accessing up to eight different primer panels. The ThunderStorm System leverages RainDance’s proven single-molecule picodroplet PCR technology that generates millions of unique microdroplet PCR reactions, enabling scientists to target up to 20,000 genomic loci in a single sample. The RainDance ThunderStorm System combines premium performance and a proven technology platform to deliver unprecedented daily sample throughput with the most attractive running economics and minimal hands-on time.


Fully automated high-throughput targeted sequencing system

  • 1 to 96 samples per run

Extremely Versatile

  • Ability to screen 96 samples against 8 different primer panels

Compatible with all NGS platforms

  • Illumina’s HiSeq™ and MiSeq™
  • Ion Torrent’s PGM™
  • Life’s 5500 SOLiD™
  • PacBio’s RS
  • Roche’s GS FLX™ and GS Junior™ Systems

Broad range of applications: GWAS follow up, medical genetics, somatic mutation analysis, epigenetics

Low cost per sample: high-volume chips manufactured by Sony DADC, elimination of sequencing library costs

Highest quality data: proven RainDance sequence coverage and uniformity

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