Digital qPCR


Built on RainDance’s patented and proven RainStorm™ picodroplet technology, the RainDrop™ System generates up to 10 million picoliter-sized droplets per lane. Since each droplet encapsulates a single molecule, researchers can quickly determine the absolute number of droplets containing specific target DNA and compare that to the number of droplets with background wild-type DNA. The RainDrop System also shifts the current digital PCR (dPCR) paradigm from a single-color-per-marker approach to a two color with varying probe intensity method that is capable of multiplexing up to 10 markers.


  • Superior sensitivity: Detect 1 mutant amongst 250,000 wild-type molecules with a lower limit of detection of 1 in more than 1,000,000.
  • Unprecedented multiplexing: Conduct up to 10 tests or more on the same sample using the single molecule multi-color detection technique.
  • Greater study design flexibility: Optimize number of PCR reactions based on your sensitivity AND multiplex requirements.
  • Closed-tube design: Ensure highest quality by eliminating contamination or carryover.
  • Proven picodroplet technology platform: Leverage a decade of experience with the same core technology found in RainDance’s Targeted Sequencing Systems.
  • Lowest cost per data point: Generate true digital answers with orders of magnitude more data per dollar.
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