MN #740416.50 NucleoBond Xtra Maxi Plus, 50 preps

MN #740416.50 NucleoBond Xtra Maxi Plus, 50 preps
Brand: Macherey-Nagel
Product Code: 740416.50
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NucleoBond® Xtra Midi / Maxi

Transfection-grade plasmid DNA

60% time-saving, 100% increased yields

The new generation of anion exchanger – ultra-fast, transfection-grade plasmid DNA with high yield

• Optimized column design: Midi prep in approximately 30 min, Maxi prep in 35 min
• Column filter included: high filter flow rates, parallel lysate clearing and loading onto the column
• Improved silica material: typical yields of 250 μg (Midi) and 1 000 μg (Maxi)
• Transfection-grade plasmid DNA due to patented anion-exchange technology
• NucleoBond® Xtra Plus kits contain NucleoBond® Finalizers to speed up DNA precipitation



NucleoBond® Xtra Midi

NucleoBond® Xtra Maxi


Anion-exchange chromatography


Midi gravity flow columns

Maxi gravity flow columns

Lysate clarification

Column filters

Column filters

Sample material

< 200 mL (high copy)
< 400 mL (low copy)

< 600 mL (high copy)
< 1200 mL (low copy)

Vector size

< 300 kbp

< 300 kbp

Typical yield

250 µg

1000 µg




Isopropanol precipitation

Xtra Midi


Xtra Midi Plus


Xtra Maxi


Xtra Maxi Plus

NucleoBond®Finalizer Large

Preparation time

70 min/4 preps

30 min/4 preps

80 min/4 preps

35 min/4 preps

• High-copy plasmids from E. coli
• Low-copy plasmids from E. coli*


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