Zymo #R2080 Direct-zol DNA/RNA Miniprep, 50 Preps

Zymo #R2080 Direct-zol DNA/RNA Miniprep, 50 Preps
Zymo #R2080 Direct-zol DNA/RNA Miniprep, 50 Preps
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The Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA kits provide an innovative method for the purification of DNA and total RNA from a variety of samples freshly lysed in TRIzol or similar, including animal cells, tissue, bacteria, yeast, plant, biological liquids and etc. 

Upon lysis of the sample with TRIzol or similar, RNA and DNA is bound directly to the Zymo-Spin™ Column. Then simply spin, wash, and elute high-quality RNA and DNA into separate fractions. No phase separation, precipitation, or post-purification steps are necessary. The eluted nucleic acids are suitable for all subsequent molecular manipulations and analyses including Next-Gen sequencing, RT/qPCR, hybridization, etc.



  • Elution Volume: ≥25 µl
  • Size Range: up to and above 40 kb (DNA), ≥17 nt (RNA)
  • Equipment: Microcentrifuge
  • Purity: DNA and RNA ready for all subsequent downstream analyses (Next-Gen sequencing, RT/qPCR)
  • Compatibility: Aqueous (RNA) phase from TRIzol, TRI Reagent® or similar can be processed. Also, compatible with samples in DNA/RNA Shield™ (see Appendix, page 5)
  • Sample Inactivation: TRI Reagent® (provided with R2081, R2083 only) inactivates viruses and other infectious agents.
  • Sample Type: Cells (animal, bacterial, yeast), tissue (animal, plant) or biological liquids (blood, plasma, serum, CSF, buffy coat, etc.), freshly lysed in TRIzol, TRI Reagent® or similar

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