About Us

About Us

Genetimes Excell International Holdings Limited (GTHK) is a subsidiary of Genetimes Technology Inc., a private, high-tech company which is supporting the fields of biomedical science and biotechnology. Since its incorporation from June 18, 1998 in Shanghai, China, Genetimes has grown over steadily. Genetimes delivers products in every aspects of biological researches, including molecular biology reagents, biochemicals, immunological reagents, clinical diagnostic kits, pharmaceutical industry raw materials, scientific instruments, consumables, etc. These products are used widely in academic fields and industrial applications, from basic biomedical research to disease diagnosis, from emerging new biotechnology to pharmaceutical production and healthcare products manufacture. 

In order to provide the best possible products and services to our customers in China, Genetimes built a complete distribution network from the ground up, with subdivisions, branch offices and sales representatives in all major cities and regions. Genetimes has over 3,000 customers in universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and other industrial companies.

Our Mission

To provide superior products and services for biomedical research and the improvement of human health, to become a leader in biological science and biotechnology, and to help our shareholders, customers and employees achieve success.

Our Motto

Surpass expectations in the pursuit of excellence.
Principles dedication, innovation, teamwork, and superior, proactive customer care.

Genetimes ExCell Internationals Holding Limited

Room F, 5/F, Leapont Centre,
18-28 Wo Liu Hang Road,
Shatin, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2385 2818
Fax: +852 2385 1308
Website: www.genetimes.hk

Our Sales Representatives

Derek Lai derek@genetimes.com.hk 6855 4905  
Anson Wong anson@genetimes.com.hk 6680 0423  
Tess Wong tess@genetimes.com.hk 6010 7148  
Jack Tsang jack@genetimes.com.hk 6687 6730  


General Inquiries


Inquiry on order or delivery

Ms. Rucan Yung
Tel: 2385 2818


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